On Shabbos afternoon, between Mincha and Maariv, we sit down, at the Young Israel of Merrick, to Shalosh Seudos. This has become an institution in Merrick, attended mostly by men, although women are not excluded! We have good food, good conversation, listen to interesting Divrei Torah - short discussions on various aspects of Torah and Halachah and sing Shabbos zemiros - songs.

As Napoleon said, "An army marches on its stomach", and we have bagels, tuna and egg salad, kindly donated each week by Bagel Boss, and a variety of drinks and other food donated by the sponsor of the week. It is a friendly gathering, and we welcome all our friends and neighbors to join us.

Why do we eat the third meal of Shabbos, known as either Shalosh Seudos or Seudah Shlishis? The Talmud says that the person who fulfills the obligation of eating three meals on Shabbos will merit a "good judgment" in the World to Come, for he has shown good judgment in not overeating during the first two Shabbos meals, so he could fulfill the mitzvah of eating a third meal, in honor of the holy day.

During the first two meals of the day we are actually hungry and eat with particular enjoyment. By the time of the third meal we may no longer be hungry, but we sit down to partake with song and rejoicing in order to fulfill G-d's commandment that we eat at least three meals on Shabbos. It is not the food which draws us to the table, but the desire to carry out His precepts.

Shalosh Seudos can be sponsored in celebration of a happy event, to commemorate a Yahrzeit, or just as a contribution to perpetuate this event. Click here to book a date.