Membership Dues

Annual dues are $1,200/year. As of now there is no ongoing building fund. However, the last building fund was funded for 3 years. The dues schedule depends on how long you've been living in Merrick:

In Merrick 2 or fewer years

Year Dues Building Fund
1 $600 (50% of dues) $0
2 $900 (75% of dues) $468.75
3 $1,200 (100% of dues) $468.75
4 $1,200 $937.50
5 $1,200 $937.50
6 $1,200 $0

In Merrick 2 or more years

Year Dues Building Fund
1 $1,200 (100% of dues) $0
2 $1,200 $937.50
3 $1,200 $937.50
4 $1,200 $937.50
5 $1,200 $0

By the start of year 3, all new members pay full dues. By the end of year 4 or 5, new members finish paying current building fund commitments and will be only responsible for ongoing full member dues.

Associate membership is available for Merrick residents who have full membership in another Merrick shul; the annual dues are $360. Associate membership is also available for non-Merrick residents; the annual dues are $100.


One must be a member in good financial standing to purchase a cubby and continue in good financial standing to maintain it.

  • The initial price of a cubby is $200.00. At the beginning of year 2 and annually thereafter an $18.00 maintenance fee will be charged.
  • Associate members may rent a cubby, sans the nameplate, for $72.00 a year on a year to year basis based on the availability of empty cubbies.

Simchas – Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bris, Aufruff, etc.

Only full members and associate members may celebrate Simchas in the shul, although any one individual may ask for an aliyah. The only exception to the above is the naming of a baby girl.

  • For the sanctuary: There is no charge to a member in good financial standing. There is a $360 charge to an associate member.
  • A suggested donation of $100 to buy a leaf for our Tree of Life honoring the simcha is recommended.
  • Associate members must pay a nonrefundable deposits of $180.00 upon reserving the sanctuary. One month prior to the simcha the remaining balance including the $100.00 fee must be paid in order to keep the date.
  • Kiddushes – Sponsors of kiddushes are responsible for the set up of and clean up after the Kiddush. Failure to clean up after Kiddush will result in a $36.00 charge to the sponsor.

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