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Shul Committees

At the Young Israel of Merrick, everyone who wants to be involved is involved. We are blessed with many members who give of their own time to volunteer for our shul. Below is a list of our committees. If you'd like to get involved in any of the committees please speak to the Chairperson of said committee. If you see a need in our shul and would like to start a new committee please speak to the Rabbi or the President. 

Ritual Committee 

Rabbi Winston


Steve Gage 

Sam Sperling 

Education Committee

Chairman: Stanley Fish

Marketing Committee

Chairperson: Loren Daitch

YIM NextGen

Rena Winston

Hospitality Committee

Chairpersons: Larry and Lauren Korman

Kiddush Committee

Chairman: Jan Levine

Legal Committee

Chairman: Aaron Stein

Eruv Committee

Chairman: Mayer Gross

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