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At the Young Israel of Merrick, Torah learning opportunities are abundant. In addition to Rabbi Winston's exciting and engaging Shabbos afternoon shiur series, there are many more regular weekday shiurim that occur. Read below for a sampling of some of the classes that we offer. 

Thursday Night Chassidus

Delve into the depths of Torah with this Thursday night class on Chassidus. 

Breakfast in the Beis

If you ever wanted to learn more about some of the greatest Torah giants in Jewish history, this is the class for you. This Sunday morning series explores the Torah, life and thought of some of the greatest Jewish thinkers impacting our time. Following Shacharis on Sunday morning enjoy a great breakfast while you listen to this class taught by Rabbi Winston!

Sefer HaChinuch

In between Mincha/Maariv in the Summer months, Rabbi Winston offers a 5 minute shiur on Sefer HaChinuch. 

5 Minute Mishnayos

Every day, following Shacharis, Rabbi Winston gives a five minute class on Mishnayos. Recordings available on our website at


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Long Island Torah Network

The Merrick Beit Medrash meets regularly, every Monday night in Young Israel or at Ohav Shalom, 30 minutes after mincha. Beit Medrash Night is an opportunity for Jewish men of all backgrounds and affiliations to engage in the excitement of personalized Torah study. The casual and relaxed format (along with refreshments) makes for a truly enjoyable evening.


Beit Medrash night consists of two simultaneous classes: one on Gemorah and one on Chumash. The Gemorah shiur just finished learning Meseches Rosh Hashana and began learning Beitzah after Shavuos. 


The program is organized by Rabbi Mendel Becker of the Long Island Torah Network.

Welcome to Young Israel of Merrick!

At Young Israel of Merrick, you’re family the minute you walk through our doors. Our shul is a vibrant and welcoming environment; the kind of place where you can come in and make a difference right away. Said simply, we are an in-town shul, with an out-of-town feel. Through our diverse educational and social programming, we aim to foster the spiritual and religious growth of each of our members. Located in the beautiful suburban town of Merrick, Long Island, we are very close to major highways and just a short, direct, train ride away from Manhattan. With our young and dynamic Rabbi and Rebbetzin, a beautiful mikvah, a well-maintained eruv, a plethora of kosher options in town and nearby and many schools just a short drive away, Young Israel of Merrick is the perfect place to raise your family.

107 S. Hewlett Ave.

Merrick, NY 11566

T: (516) 378-2573



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